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Personalized Duffle Bags and Monogrammed Gym Bags are some of the most popular groomsmen gifts
Groomsmen Duffle Bags come in many different styles and can be used for travel, the gym and sports.
Duffle bags for men or perhaps a duffel bag for a groomsman are built strong and are water resistant making them a good travel gift. They are durable to withstand harsh airline baggage handling.  They have many zippered compartments to keep him organized for clothing and shoes while traveling or for his towel, exercise clothes, water bottle and car keys while working out at the gym.



Most duffle bags come with a detachable shoulder strap to carry light loads or using the strap and throwing the bag over the shoulder when you have a heavy load or long walk.

You can buy duffle bags with wheels.  Rolling duffel bags are great groomsmen gifts.

There is a nice selection of sport gym bags that have the sports emblem on the end of the bag featuring a baseball, football, basketball and karate.  These bags can be monogrammed with his name in large letters for a nice look.

For a professional look you can buy the nike embroidered sports duffle bag. Buy an nfl team duffle bag with wheels personalized with his name and featuring a top nfl team such as the dallas cowboys, minnesota vikings, baltimore ravens, new york giants, chicago bears, philadelphia eagles, new england patriots, green bay packers, new york jets and pittsburgh steelers.

For the country boys you can get a farmall pride duffel bag and for the patriotic military gift you can get a usmc duffel bag.

For a very unique groomsmen gift you can now get a genuine swiss army blanket duffel bag.

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Monogrammed Duffle Bag and Personalized Gym Bags

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